All India Radio

All India Radio (A.I.R.) was founded in July 1936 and started with 3 mediumwave transmitters. The Hindi Residents called the Station “Heavens Voice”. 1947 were two branches started: Radio Kashmir and Radio Goa. The Home Service of A.I.R. was extended in the year 1954 with some “Regional News Centre”. 1988 was a Nationwide Night Program started, and 2005 a new bigger Studio Building erected (New Delhi). Available now 192 Mediumwave- and Shortwave Transmitters; the Home Service is transmitting in 23 Main Languages and 146 Dialects. On FM are 222 A.I.R. Stations active, and with all Services together A.I.R. reachs 99,2% of the population. Main Languages of the External Service are English, Hindi, Kashmiri and Tamil.

Listening Example of the General Overseas Service for Europe

ATTENTION : Transmitting of General Overseas Service is cancelled, only via Web available

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Livestream is part of time available if the Broadcast is parallel transmitted

Mediumwave Listing of A.I.R.

List of Radio Stations in India

Recording of North Eastern Service with ID

Recording of 1071 khz

Recording of 819 khz

Recording of French Px