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China National Radio

China National Radio (CNR  中央人民广播电台) is the national broadcast station of China, headquartered in Beijing, and owned by the State Government via the “China Media Group”.

The first regularly transmitting station in China (People’s Republic) works since December 1940. Founded December 1949, the Network of Broadcast Stations was named Central People’s Broadcasting Station and later renamed. There is a sister station for international relations, China Radio International (which worked the first decades under the name “Radio Peking”).

CNR servs daily round 200 hours of programmes in 9 big radio channels and 11 specialised channels. For a Listing check and scroll down.

All stations also available as Webradio. Some channels are for Minorities like Uighur, Kazakh, Korean, Mongolian or Tibetan Residents. CNR is transmitting on shortwave and has a big presence on Mediumwave Frequencies, look at the List below:

AM 540, 549, 630, 639, 684, 720, 747, 765, 837, 855, 909, 945, 981, 1035, 1053, 1089, 1098, 1116, 1143, 1278, 1287, 1305, 1323, 1377 khz, plus 675 khz (relayed by RTHK)

CNR 1 is also called ‘News Radio’ or ‘Voice of China’, CNR 3 is ‘Music Radio’.

Recording of CNR 1 ………. Recording of CNR 2

Recording of CNR 8 (Ethnic Minority Radio) ………. Recording of CNR 17