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Hello all visitors!

If you are landing here, you found my hobby website about DXing. It is well good explained in a WIKIPEDIA article. The people which do this hobby, are the so called “DXer”s.

Inside the DX hobby are many different fields to work with and to monitor the world wide radio waves. Shortwave (look also into Wikipedia) goes around the globe in relation to the conditions, and mediumwave normally within the same continent (of transmitter and receiver). BUT in our modern world the technique is advanced and helps the DXing community with “Web SDR”-receivers. These SDR’s are remote controlled Radio Receivers thru the Web. As a result Y O U are able to controll a receiver in far away areas like Hongkong or Brasil or USA or Japan, etc. The website with a big list of 500 radio receivers is named:

I personally have a favorite part of the world for monitoring, and this is the wide Asia region, included the Arabian states and pieces of North Africa. You’ll find in these regions all kinds of broadcasts like global news, local special news, typical music like Folklore or Quran singers, chants of monks, polyphone instruments, buddhist mantras, instrumental music from different countries or states, or traditional music from historic sources, one example is Korea (DPR and Republic).

The big advantage of todays DXing is the parallel existing WEBRADIO — in most cases. So if you aren’t sure to which broadcast station you listening, than often you are able to double check the program with the content of the Webradio inside the website of the bc-station.

I like to DX especially within the MEDIUMWAVE band, these are the waves between round about 500 kcs (= khz) and 1700 khz. If you are owner of an old tube radio, check it out and press the “MW” or “AM” Button, and you are done, mediumwave is there. Please tune slow, very slowly and carefully, and the result will be a lot of new or strange far broadcast stations. If you are experienced with the hobby, buy a cheap antenna like the TECSUN AN-200. A Frame Antenna (or equal build one) is especially for the MW broadcasting reception a fine help, you find this antenna on ebay quickly. DXer’s with long experience build their antenna by themselves.

This website stands under the umbrella of A.H.R.A.B. (Association for History & Research of Analogue Broadcasting) and prefers the description of reception possibilities on mediumwave.

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