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Radio Bahrain (BRTC)

Radio Bahrain was established in 1955; Owner is the Government of Bahrain via the 1971 founded Bahrain Radio and Television Corporation, a state owned entity. FM is mostly used. The programmes are usually all in Arabic Language, with little parts of English. Headquarter is in Manama. The TV Audio of the main channel is sometimes broadcasted thru the mediumwave frequency of 1521 khz (alternate QRG is 1584 khz).

Amateur Radio Stations do exist in Bahrain. The Shortwave Transmitting on 9745 khz was stopped long years ago, but is sometimes resumed for test and maintenance purposes. Proof is the below image of a QSL for our DX-collegue Dimitry in Russia.

Quote from my PDF-Book “Radio Legends“: The use of radio receivers in Bahrain extend as far back as to 1940 when the country’s first radio broadcasting station was opened by the British. In 1955, the country’s first radio broadcasting service in Arabic first started. By 1980, the radio service broadcast up to 14 hours a day. The country’s first English language radio station was later established in 1977, as a result of an increase in English speakers in Bahrain and the Persian Gulf region. The radio’s programmes were primarily religious Quran recitations and educational (poetry and music), with occasional news announcements.  Almost near all radio stations in Bahrain are state-owned by the BRTC (Bahrain Radio & TV Corporation). A deep friendship with Kuwait exists. Every daily close down is the Bahrain National Anthem played. Radio Bahrain was founded new in 1971 and became an independent subject of BRTVC in January 1977. Braodcastings are still in English (4 hours a day)and Arabic Language. BRTC is owned by the government of the Kingdom. In 1982 the station was moved to a building in Adliya. On-air time was extended to 18 hours a day. A second station, Radio 2, began broadcasting 6 hours a day. In 1989 a new studio was established in the Ministry of Information building.  In the capital city Manama works since 1990 a FM Relay around the clock. 2002 saw two on-air computers with pre-recorded programms and in 2007 Radio Bahrain changed the FM QRG. Since 1965 was the main person of the station Mr. Ahmed Suleiman, born in Jerusalem. He started as a reporter and was later head of Radio Bahrain, until 1998; 2005 he died. He has a very good relationship to the collegues of BBC Arabic Service and local Reuter News Agency. In the year 2010 the King of Bahrain ordered the founding of an authority named “Ministry of State for Information Affairs (MSIA)”. The first president was a cousin of King Hamad, the second after April 2012 Mr. Sameera Rajab, which was an outspoken supporter of Saddam Hussein. 2015 followed him Mr. Al Rumaihi, which holds two master degrees in the U.K. and was a well part of training programms in administration, leadership, human resources, media, politics and law.

Radio Bahrain Reception 31-m-Band > 9745 khz