Radio Kuwait

Radio Kuwait’s state run website:

Radio Kuwait “Radio 1” (Main Program)

Arabic Folklore Music FM 87.9

Radio Kuwait International Channel incl. English: 963 khz

Reception example 540 khz

News Bulletin on 15540 khz

Opening English Px with ID

one more listening example

Radio Transmissions in Kuwait were started in 1951. Languages are Arabic, Urdu, Farsi and English. The main FM channels are 9 different, one is an Holy Quaran Channel.

MW frequencies: 540, 630, 963, 1134, 1269, 1341 khz.

Shortwave: 5960, 7250, 9750, 11630, 15530, 15540, 17760 khz. Note: English Px only in DRM mode and not every day available.