Radio Sultanate of Oman

Radio Sultanate of Oman is the state-run broadcasting service in Oman. Broadcasting in Oman started in July 1970 with Arabic Language on Mediumwave. Due to increased activity during the year 1998 a daily 24 hours Program was realized. A large Network of more than 64 little Transmitter Sites makes the program available for the Listeners. Webradio works additional.

Shortwave: nowadays only on 15145 khz, 10.00 to 14.00 UTC, Arabic.


558 khz – Bidiyah, Ash Sharqiyah Region, 500 kW Power
576 khz – Haima, Al Wusta Region, 100 kW Power
639 khz – Mahdha, Al Dhahirah Region, 100 kW Power
738 Salalah, Dhofar Region, 100 kW Power
1242 khz – Barka, Al Batinah Region, 500 kW Power
1278 khz – Bahla, Ad Dakhilaya Region, 100 kW Power


Listening Example

2nd Listening Example

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