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Saudi Radio (SBA), former SBC

Saudi-Arabia was founded 1932, and the Radio Broadcasting was central organized in 1962. Since then are 6 Channels existing:

1) General-Px, Riyadh ———— 2) Second Px, Jeddah
3) Quran Radio (Holy Koran) —–4) Nedaa Radio, Mekka = „Call of Islam“
5) Saudia Radio (Orient Px) —– 6) International Radio

Source: DXer F. Brazhnikov, Irkutsk, Russia

All Operations are done by the second leg of the State Information Ministry, BSKSA (Broadcasting Service of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia).

The SBA has a large number of mediumwave transmitters throughout the country, mainly broadcasting Radio Riyadh (the General Program), Radio Jeddah (the Second Program) and Holy Qur’an Radio, as well as other services.

MW Frequencies:
531 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Bisha, Asir
549 SBA Radio Riyadh Qurayyat
558 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Abha
567 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Jeddah
576 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Jazan
585 SBA Radio Riyadh Riyadh
594 SBA Radio Riyadh Duba, Tabuk
612 SBA Radio Riyadh Al-Aflaj, Riyadh
630 SBA Radio Jeddah Jizan, Jizan
648 SBA Radio Riyadh
657 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Rafha, Northern Borders
675 SBA Radio Riyadh Abha, Asir
684 SBA Radio Jeddah, Jeddah
702 SBA Radio Jeddah Duba, Tabuk
747 SBA Radio Jeddah Buraidah, Al-Qassim
765 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio, Al-Aflaj, Ar Riyadh
783 SBA Radio Nedaa al-Islam Ras al-Khair, Eastern
792 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Jeddah, Makkah
810 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Hafar Al-Batin, Eastern 20 24h in Arabic
855 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Ras al-Khair, Eastern
873 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Ar Rass, Al Qassim 10 24h in Arabic
882 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Dammam, Eastern 100 24h in Arabic
900 SBA Radio Riyadh Qurayyat II, Al Jawf 1000 1500-0300 in Arabic
927 SBA Radio Jeddah Al-Hufuf, Eastern 20 24h in Arabic
936 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Makkah, Makkah
945 SBA Radio Riyadh Ha’il, Ha’il
981 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Madinah
999 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Duba, Tabuk
1035 SBA Radio Jeddah Yanbu al-Bahr, Al Madinah
1044 SBA Radio Jeddah Afif, Riyadh
1071 SBA Radio Riyadh Beesha, Asir
1080 SBA Radio Jeddah, Najran
1089 SBA Radio Jeddah, Qurayyat, Al Jawaf
1098 SBA Radio Jeddah Dammam, Eastern
1116 SBA Radio Jeddah, Madinah
1206 SBA Radio Jeddah Al-Aflaj, Riyadh
1215 SBA Radio Jeddah Hafar Al-Batin, Eastern
1260 SBA Radio Riyadh Dammam, Eastern
1422 SBA Radio Neda al-Islam, Riyadh
1440 SBA Radio Riyadh Ras al-Khair, Eastern
1449 SBA Radio Riyadh, Yanbu’ al Bahr, Al Madinah
1467 SBA Radio Riyadh Hafar Al-Batin, Eastern
1512 SBA Holy Qur’an Radio Jeddah (Khumra)
1521 SBA Radio Riyadh, Duba, Tabuk

Saudi Broadcasting Authority (SBA) is broadcasting via some strong powerful Transmitters on Shortwave, including one program in French at 17660 khz as Saudi Radio International. Radio Quran is relayed daily 03.00 to 23.00 UTC on high ranged frequencies (19-m and 16-m-Band Shortwave plus 13710 khz) with a 500 KiloWatt Tx from Riyadh.

SBA Listening example Radio Riyadh

Reception 1521 khz MW

Opening with Interval Signal


Quran Program from Riyadh

SBA Radio 2, Jeddah – Livestream

Recording R. Jeddah